5 Best Bedtime Books

Local sleep expert, Veena Parry of Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep strongly advocates a consistent bedtime routine to get kids relaxed and ready for bed. And a bedtime book is the perfect addition to the pre-sleep routine.

Veena, believes reading a book to your little ones is the best way to wind down for everyone. It’s a wonderful bonding experience, and it’s educational; reading books to your kids is proven to increase a child’s understanding of literacy, phonemic awareness and writing. If you can read one book a day or at every sleep time, your child will have read more than 2000 books by the time they start kindy.

Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep rates the 5 Best Bedtime Books

5. Good Night Sleep Tight – Mem Fox

This one is fun! Great for ages 0-6 and has some well-known nursery rhymes serving as a continuing narrative within the story! And who doesn’t love a babysitter named “Skinny Doug”?

4. Good Night Good Night Construction Site – Sherri Dusker Rinker

This book will excite the truck/cement mixer/excavator enthusiast in any child! It’s beautifully written and illustrated and gives a great sense of positive reinforcement regarding sleep routine.

3. All the Awake Animals – Crescent Dragonwagon (yes that is the Author’s name)

Want your child to learn their alphabet? This is a great way! And it’s sleep friendly! No kidding, my toddler read this from 10 months and knew his alphabet by 18months.

2. Time for Bed – Mem Fox

Just gorgeous! Great illustrations, this one is perfect for the newborn and younger child. It has a wonderful sense of rhythm.

1. Goodnight Moon – Margaret Wise Brown

This has been a world famous and classic sleep book for over 30 years! And it’s easy to see why, captivating and perfect for children 0-6yrs. There is also a great video version of this narrated by Susan Sarandon, (this can be for awake time).

I also have some tips on how to help the reading process when reading with your toddler! It’s all about the finger point! ➕ for parents … Are you struggling with sleep? Do you need a pick me up, and a laugh?

Check out
Go the F%^$ to Sleep – Adam Mansbach

There is also a great version narrated by Samuel L Jackson, which will lift the spirits of any sleep-deprived parent…

If you need any help with your sleep Veena from Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep is here to help! Sleep Sweet! ??

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