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5 Pretty and Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Before becoming a mum the baby shower gifts I purchased always fell under the ‘pretty’ category. Not a thought went into practicality – in my mind if it was pretty it was perfect! I remember feeling dismayed at the ‘practical’ presents given to the mum to be. Why did everything practical have to be a bit daggy and so mumsy?

I’ve now been a mum myself for 20 months and am well and truly entrenched in the world of all things baby! To my delight it has also become apparent that to be practical you don’t have to sacrifice all sense of style (yay!). There are some incredibly gorgeous things out there that also happen to be super practical and would make beautiful baby shower gifts, no matter what the baby’s gender. Here are my top 5 pretty AND practical baby shower gifts:

  1. Nappy clutch and change mat set by Bella Buttercup
    This gorgeous quilted set is perfect for nappy changes on the run. I still use it for my little boy and he now knows when it comes out that it’s time for a nappy change. The set is the perfect size and washes up really well!

    milky way change pro
  2. Mummy necklace by Dove + Dovelet
    New mums fast learn that wearing your pre-baby jewellery is near impossible, but you don’t have to give up jewellery altogether! These necklaces are designed to be chewed, tugged and dribbled on! And also help keep your baby occupied!

    wearing navy ziggy necklace
  3. Dummy Clip by Our Little Helpers
    My little boy was (and unfortunately still is) dummy obsessed. These clips are absolute life savers and will ensure you don’t drop a dummy again. They come in a range of gorgeous colours to match any outfit!

    Yellow star dummy clip
  4. Hooded baby towel by Troupe
    There really is nothing cuter than a clean baby all wrapped up in a hooded towel. An added bonus- these towels will also look just as good hanging in your bathroom!

    striped troupe hooded baby towel with toddler
  5. Bamboo baby wrap by Hey Baby
    You can never have too many wraps! These bright and cheerful super soft wraps will bring a smile to any sleep deprived mamas face!
    Hey Baby Wraps

All of these items are available to purchase at Small Supply Co. An online baby boutique based in the Shire. As a reader exclusive we are offering 20% off storewide (excluding sale items) to all Mums of the Shire readers. Simply use code word SHIREMUM at checkout*.

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Renee is a local mum to Beau who is 20 months with another one on the way! She is also the owner of Small Supply Co. and is an self-proclaimed online shopaholic!



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