5 Ways to get Your Neighbourhood in the Trick-or-treat Spirit

Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or have been dragged into it by your kids, it’s a great opportunity to create family memories and build connections within your neighbourhood. So before you bundle the kids into the car for an area that’s known for its love of Halloween, consider creating some of your own! As a Mum of 2 who lives in a street known for its Halloween spirit, here are my top 5 tips for creating some of your own…

  1. Not everyone wants a troop of little trick or treaters at their door so make it easy for people to opt out. Write a short note explaining you’ll be doorknocking with your kids and include a balloon asking people to put it up if they’re happy to give out lollies/receive visitors. Take your children with you to drop notes & balloons into local letterboxes with enough warning for people to get involved (or not). That way you know that houses with balloons are up for visitors – and they can easily take them down if they run out.
  2. This year Halloween – the 31stOctober – is on a Wednesday so get the kids involved – bake, decorate, dress up & have fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive, black cardboard, removable face paint and cotton wool balls for spiderwebs will go a long way! There are loads of age appropriate activities and craft ideas from toddlers to older kids.
  3. Use it as an opportunity to bring the neighbourhood together. Invite the local children for a party, if you know a few families in the street then start by visiting their homes, or have a picnic on the front lawn so you can see who’s out and about!
  4. Teach kids it’s important to give as well as to receive. Whether you’re just visiting your neighbours, heading to a Halloween party or further afield, take some goodies with you (lollies, mini packs of dried fruit, party blowers) and hand them out to children who are hosting or handing out lollies themselves. An added bonus? Your children won’t eat as many if they’re giving them out along the way!
  5. One of the best things about Halloween is how well it keeps children of all ages entertained – baking and decorating slices or cupcakes, pulling out the dress-up box to choose a fun outfit, doing some Halloween craft, and maybe even decorating your front door and balloon/s. It’s also a great opportunity to join in the party (just don’t make it tooo scary for the little kids!) a few scars created with eyeliner and a fun hat or accessory and you’ll be ready to make your own fun!

With a little planning Halloween can be great fun for kids of all ages – and an easy way to start new traditions that your children will always remember. Use the opportunity to meet other families in your street and neighbourhood, and who knows – you might even make some new local friends!

Sarah, Caringbah Mum of 2

Feature image by Cathy Murphy Photography

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