8 Tips for Slowing Down During the Silly Season

 • By guest contributor Kirrily Weatherstone from Feet Up Club

There’s a madness that takes over in the weeks counting down to Christmas. We’ve all experienced it.

You’ve got presents to buy and wrap for everybody from your in-laws to your kids’ teachers, to the office Kris Kringle. It seems like every person you’ve ever met is attempting to “Catch you before Christmas” as if we’ll all perish immediately afterwards, and there are a ton of loose ends at work that you have to tie-up before the office shuts down. We won’t even pretend you’ve got time to clean the house.

We’re always busy but there’s a reason they call the countdown to Christmas the “silly season”. Things. Get. Nuts.

With that in mind, we want to help prepare you as best we can, by giving you a few tips on how to keep calm amidst the madness. After all, at Feet Up Club we like to think we know a thing or two about relaxing!

Use your scents:

There are some essential oils that you just cannot help but be calmed by. When you’re frantic beyond words, you can force a little bit of calm on yourself by diffusing essential oils that will fill you with serenity. Lavender, Bergamot, Chamomile, Frankincense and Fragonia are known for their calming and soothing properties. Choose one oil, buy a blend, or blend a few yourself to create a scent that you can have diffusing right through the house when you arrive home from your umpteenth errand/work/school pick-up so that you are instantly calmer, even if only a little. Or grab yourself a pulse point roller blend to instill some calm into your day even when you’re on the go and take a little whiff of your wrist every time you start to feel rushed and overwhelmed.

Carve more than meat:

Make sure you carve out some time to be alone and enjoy some quiet. Lock the bathroom door. Run yourself a bath and set a meditation going (there are great mediation apps you can set to play on your phone) then jump in a big bath filled with a soothing bath milk or bath salts to help you unwind in a setting where you won’t be tempted to even touch your phone. Turn off the bright bathroom lights and replace them with candlelight and watch your mood instantly change.

Don’t neglect your skin:

Sometimes when we feel run down, the quickest way to trick ourselves into feeling like we can take on the world again is to give our surface a pick-me-up. A fragrant herbal facial steam or clay mask can do wonders for making you feel reinvigorated.

Treat yourself:

Christmas time is fairly loaded with treats, but if the kids’ candy canes aren’t cutting it turn to Feet Up Club for recommendations on quality handmade confectionery, chocolates, beverages and other treats that you should definitely reach for when it’s time to put your feet up. Sometimes the simple act of stopping to enjoy a treat can pull you out of the craziness just long enough to slow your breathing and help you refocus.

Let music be your guide:

You can use music to calm yourself almost unknowingly. Just like leaving an essential oil diffusing fills your nose and settles you, calming background music fills yours ears inducing the same effect. So make sure that if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or even just a bit too frantic, that you turn off anything not conducive to helping you slow your mind and put on the kind of music you’d hear in a day spa, or at least a very chilled out cafe! We’ve put together some playlist suggestions for you.

Read your way to serenity:

Take at least 15 minutes before you go to bed to read something that distracts you from your endless to-do list. A magazine or something fictional that completely transports you to another world and snaps you out of your very busy world. This also ensures that the last thing you look at before bed is not a bright screen!

Win(e)d Down:

Wine is a relaxant so allow yourself a glass of the good stuff, maybe while taking that bubble bath and let the tension ooze away.

Use gift-guides and shop online:

Gifted Women Australia has collated a great selection of gifts that you can shop directly from the online magazine. Save yourself the stress of racing around the shops (especially if you’d have kids in tow) and browse the thoughtful gift ideas that can be shopped straight from the magazine. Feet Up Club also curates exceptional small business products that would make great Christmas gifts for anyone who likes their me-time.

We hope you manage to remember these tips as the excitement and errands begin escalating. If all else fails, close your eyes, breathe in and out slowly for 10 seconds and then at least try number 7 (wine!).

Merry Christmas!

Kirrily from Feet Up Club

Kirrily is a Mum of two under three and a big fan of post-kids-in-bed treats! She understands how important it is for Mums to have something that is just for them and completely separate from their identity as a Mum.

She started Feet Up Club as a way to encourage busy Mums to take a quiet moment to unwind in peace with a treat or two. Feet Up Club sources and hand-picks incredible goodies from small Australian businesses that can be used to help people relax and enjoy their precious down-time. If you’re thinking of wine, chocolate, candles and body scrubs, then you’re on the right track!
The products are hand-picked and reviewed honestly on the Feet Up Club blog. Regular discount codes and sometimes giveaways of those products are emailed out to members who’ve signed up for free on the website.

It’s an idea that marries a few things Kirrily is passionate about: relaxing, supporting small business and marketing. She has spent the last several years working as a digital marketer and enjoys keeping her skills current while still being able to stay home with her children.


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