Foam Party

Coyotes Foam Parties to Caringbah Pub Kids Eat Free…. 

You used to go to Coyotes Foam Parties but now you go to Caringbah Pub for Kids Eat Free….

Ok, who is willing to make an admission here tonight? Right now you go to Caringbah pub for kids eat free, but as you’re sitting there you look around and the memories come flooding back. You were young, dressed in sequinned boob tubes attending the one, the only, Coyotes FOAM party. Are you with me mummas or am I standing out here making embarrassing admissions alone?

Those were the days with the girls hunting down $1 shots and dancing until your feet bled baby. You knew you were hot shit and you were all that and then some. Where did she go? That confident cocky young woman? She’s in there mumma I promise you. You might now categorize pubs based on best play areas and best kids eat free but that confident, happy go lucky person is still in there. Don’t leave her locked away. Here’s some things to try to bring out that wild young woman who had no cares in the world and was untouchable in her confidence….

1. Have a look at who you are still friends with from those days and call them up…. go on a night old to your old haunts kid free

2. Find some memory information and tap into what made you happy – were you creative? Did you love sport? Dancing? Do it again…. I have a friend who has made ‘me time’ and gone back to her tap dancing days – you go girl I love it! I want to get back to gymnastics myself

3. Look at some pictures of yourself from when you were 18 and realise what made you invisible…. now hang out with people who make you feel invincible all over again

4. Go out drinking at a current nightclub…. ignore the fact you feel as old as fu@k and have a freaking ball…. don’t pay attention to all the young women looking at you like you’re a freak – own the club and own the podium!!!!

We hope this blog brings back happy memories of days that were…. tag a friend who jumped in the foam with you at coyotes or enjoyed shots at the dirty H, Biggles, Players and Fusion….

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