West End Jannali

It’s the small things..

‘Me time’ used to entail pedicures, massages, coffee with friends, nights out with the girls, shoe shopping and sleeping in.

And then BAM – kids come along and things change.

Before you know it that list of things you did as ‘me time’ changes dramatically. Don’t get me wrong – totally worth it. I love being a mum more than I loved those things – but we are human and we do miss them.

One day you wake up and your partner says ‘You go to the shops while I mind the kids, it’s easier that way’.

WOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOP queue the happy dance. Like a genie has just granted you a wish.  You’re off to the supermarket ON YOUR OWN. As you realise the amount of excitement you have you feel a little sad (for half a second).

You start driving to Kareela and on your way, you realise this is YOUR opportunity to actually enjoy a coffee. So you swing by West End Jannali for a take away. You stare at the woman sitting on her own having a smashed avo with goats cheese toast and that memory of a life that was creeps in.

Then you’re back on your way. You get the trolley and spin it round like a rock star – just like the movie Bad Moms. You strut (not walk) down the aisles. You slam stuff in your trolley – stuff that you’ve needed for months but never have the chance to buy with two ratbags in tow.

You get to the checkout and you delve into a trash magazine while groceries are scanned. No longer on high alert of the surprise eggs at child level (assholes Coles).

You go home, the kids and craziness are just as you left them. But you feel refreshed, you feel like new, you feel a little more like ‘you’.

Tell us Mummas.. what are the small things in life that make you feel like new?

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