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Movement For Mummas is a purposely designed, well thought out service for Pregnant and Post Natal Women.

Our services offer Outdoor Group Personal Training, with Onsite Nanny options OR a more exclusive One to One wellness package for either Pregnant Mummas & Post Natal Mums, who are serious about optimizing their health and wellbeing and taking things a little further than just exercise.

Chris Sturgess is a young local family man who's been personal training since 2007.

"Some people call me a health nut, but I just have this deep-seated belief in me that the human body is the greatest gift in life, and that every single person deserves to have the knowledge and mindset to nurture that.

Nowadays, we're seeing mental and physical disease and illness left, right, and centre. The quality of our food supply is diminishing, there's so much misinformation about how to exercise for women, all focused on aesthetics only. Birth injuries and postnatal complications are on the rise due to old fashioned uneducated exercise guidelines. Women, whether they're pregnant or postnatal, are walking around unwittingly insufficient or deficient in essential nutrients. Many sleep deprived and stressed out, it breaks my heart.

Statistically, in most families, it's the women who pass on their values and education to their little ones, if they accept a state of illness or constant mental or physical stress as a norm, what hope does your next generation have? And what kind of life can a Mum lead when she's running on empty all the time? Will she live to her full potential or follow her aspirations and dreams? Probably not, because how we treat our body has a direct correlation to the way we 'feel' about ourselves. If you hold a poor self-image of yourself, this echoes out to all areas of your life.

So I've made it my mission to 'Create Stronger Mums & The Worlds Best Role Models'." - Chris

Chris runs outdoor group training classes, with onsite nannies. These classes are primarily focused on teaching you how to safely & effectively strengthen your body, lose excess body fat, increase energy levels, increase oxygen levels and decrease your day to day stress levels. The groups are about getting together as a small tribe and lifting each other up.

For Mums with little ones or our expecting Mums, there is a more exclusive service available to a limited number of clients at any given time. This is a One on One holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, where you would work exclusively with Chris, to create strategies to optimize your sleep, nutrition, activity, and even the beliefs you hold about yourself (as corny as that may sound to some).

Contact Information
Peter Depena Reserve, Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, New South Wales 2219
Mobile: 0449 178 070
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