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If you are worried about the anxiety and stress issues of your teenagers in years 9 to 12, then my yoga & meditation class could be the cure. It is not a regular yoga class!. The teenagers enjoy a philosophical discussion with a cup of herbal tea and undertake journaling, practice asanas connecting to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yoga and finish with mindfulness meditation.
- Builds self-esteem in a non-competitive environment.
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Reduces impulsivity and enhances emotional regulation
- Improves concentration
- Improves sleep quality

If you are a young mother, try Yoga Nidra classes in the evenings to help you destress and sleep well or 9:30 am and mid-day classes to give yourself a 'me' time after you drop your kids at school.

At Yoga My Love, I have classes for all family members, and 'Family Membership' passes to make it affordable. If you are MOTS member, use MOTS code to get a further discount. Check out the Special Offers page on the Mums of the Shire website.

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738 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland NSW, Australia, New South Wales 2232
Mobile: 0432064168
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