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The Elsa Clinic is a specialist gynaecology practice devoted to helping women. We treat incontinence, vaginal laxity and re-define abdominal core muscles and offer full non-surgical "Mummy Makeovers" helping women regain their pre-baby bodies.

The Elsa Clinic also offers routine gynaecology services such as Mirena insertions, colposcopies, laparoscopies, tubal ligations, vaginal repairs and hysterectomies. The doctors at the Elsa Clinic also recognise that there are many more aspects of the female gynaecological function that affect women’s health and well-being.

After carrying children and delivering babies there are many changes in a woman's body which can leave her with ongoing problems such as incontinence, vaginal laxity and decreased sexual function. Even some of more minor problems such as vaginal tags, tender post episiotomy scars, anal skin tags and enlarged labia can significantly affect how a woman feels about her sexuality and therefore may require thoughtful attention.

The Elsa Clinic has the largest selection of newer technology devices to assist woman's gynaecological needs.

The Emsella Chair is an electromagnetic device that works on pelvic floor muscles. With over 11,000 pelvic floor contractions in 30mins, this treatment is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor to improve issues such as urine leakage and stress incontinence. This treatment is also used extensively in postmenopausal women and men with erectile dysfunction and incontinence after prostatectomy.

The Emsculpt, as popularised by Kim Kardashian, uses the same technology to help woman's overstretched abdominal muscles return to their pre pregnancy state. Separation of the rectus muscles has been shown to be significantly reduced along with the visual tightening muscles and 20% abdominal fat reduction.

The Viveve treatment is a radio frequency device that is used to tighten vaginal tissues by assisting with the improvement of collagen. Not only does the vagina look and feel tighter to the woman during sex but partners notice a significant improvement of the pleasure of sex also, frequently commenting that sex feels more like it did prior to having children. Additionally, tightening of the collagen in tissue below the urethra results in the formation of a natural tissue hammock that significantly improves both stress and urinary incontinence without the need for vaginal mesh or tapes.

The Juliette is an erbium yag laser treatment which is designed to thicken the vaginal mucosa in women with vaginal soreness or vaginal atrophy. These conditions are commonly seen after the transition through menopause. Without needing to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or oestrogen vaginal cream, the vaginal mucosa after treatment becomes thicker and more like pre-menopausal tissue. Although all women benefit from this treatment it is particularly helpful for women who have had breast cancer and cannot use hormones. The Juliette laser also has been shown to provide excellent treatment and symptom control for women with lichen sclerosis

No matter what gynaecological issues you may have, the doctors at the Elsa Clinic can assess you and guide you with regards to your best treatment options.

Contact Information
Level 5, 86 Kiora Road, Miranda NSW, New South Wales 2228
Mobile: 0416 918 616
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