Find the Light Inside- Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Kinesiology, Psychic Readings

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Hi, I'm Mel. I am an Energy Healer with a few tools and techniques up my sleeve such as Kinesiology, Angelic Reiki, Theta Healing, Essential Oils and my most recent tool, Yoga Teaching specialising in Pre and Post Natal Yoga.

A lot of us are trying to move forward but are lost on how to do it. That's why I love what I do because I get assist people to find their inspiration to move forward and do what is possible. Out of all these techniques my first love and go to is Kinesiology. It was one of the first tools I found to help me with my depression and its still helping me to this day.

Kinesiology uses the muscle testing like Chiropractors but incorporates the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The technique that I found most effective is simple, direct and straight to the root cause of what is going on. In a session we test for the emotion, context of life and age recession in relation to the issue or goal you are working towards. It might not seem like we are doing a lot but the shifts in energy and perception are powerful.

Yoga and pregnancy are a matched made in heaven. The benefits from yoga during pregnancy are;
- Improved Sleep
- Reduce anxiety
- Increase strength and endurance needed for childbirth
- Decrease lower back pain and body aches
- Allowing time to focus on you and your baby
- Learn techniques to take into the birthing process

We have tailored classes for mums to be, where they have a safe space to move their bodies, connect with their babies and connect with other women on the same journey. Learn how your yoga practice can be taken into your labour/birthing process, whether it is a pranayama to take into labour or a certain positions for ease of baby coming through the birth canal.

We know that being pregnant has three trimesters while hardly anyone speaks about the fourth, which is motherhood. This is why we have decided to separate Post Natal classes from Pre-Natal classes. The first few weeks after giving birth are essential to be spending time with baby and connecting with them. The Post Natal classes are chance of continuing that connection with other mums on the same journey but also about reconnecting to the new you. Slowly build yourself up to a dynamic vinyasa flow and enjoy a space focused on helping you do so.

We offer both online and in person sessions with Yoga classes being held at True Woo Cronulla.

Contact Information
26 Ewos Parade, Cronulla, New South Wales 2230
Mobile: 0414 322 041
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