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As mums, we all strive to maintain a clean and healthy household, especially when there are little ones crawling around, but did you know there is little to no protection barrier between our environment and the sewer? And those pesky tiny flies - I always thought they were from the bananas! Pathogens, pests, fumes and odours are all able to traverse our drainage network and become air-borne in our homes leaving bacteria on benchtop surfaces and floors you just spent hours mopping and disinfecting!

Many use harsh chemicals to clean their drains and prevent smells but this is short lived as the smells come back and the harsh chemicals find their way out to our beautiful ocean.

Installing a Green Drain™ enables you to protect your family and help to reduce your environmental footprint. Durable and self-cleaning, the Green Drain™ can last up to 24 months in a home only requiring a quick rinse once in a while.

Contact Information
PO box 415, Gymea, New South Wales 2227
Mobile: 0403819401
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