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Hi everyone, I'm Georgie Jhet and I recently returned to Cronulla after 6 years in the Inner City for a seachange and to be closer to my daughter. I'm a Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Practitioner, Doula, Placenta Encapsulator and also run very special pregnancy circles for both pregnant women and couples, as well as being a 'Mother Roaster' who is a postpartum nurturer.

Let me be your guide and discover ways to prepare the mind and body for a positive and calm birth no matter how the birth unfolds through the Hypnobirthing Australia 'Positive Birth Program' and my own offering as a Birth Doula. Restore and replenish in your postpartum via the amazing power of the Placenta with Placenta Encapsulation - see my website for more!

The Hypnobirthing Australia ™ course is a method of preparing the mind and body for a positive and calm birth no matter how the birth unfolds.

This program provides the birthing woman and her partner the knowledge and tools to feel empowered and excited, not fearful and anxious about their birthing day. You only get one chance to birth your baby with ease and comfort and with the right science-based and evidenced-based knowledge; you can use the techniques we teach to ensure a smoother passage for both mother and baby.

The course also focuses on the partners in having a truly supportive role – they play such a big part in the preparations for their birthing day, feeling connected and an integral part of the process.

As a Doula who has been supporting women and their partners over the span of the past 6 years (and 60 births in addition to my own), I have seen what a difference the Hypnobirthing Australia ™ course has made for those who have chosen to prepare for their birth in this way. The women are calm, focused and capable and many times, by the time we arrive at the birthing location if moving from home, they are ready to push their babies out. Many times they are so calm, many midwives don’t believe just how far along they are. I believe in this work so much…it encompasses everything you need for a truly POSITIVE BIRTH.

There is a quote by Barbara Katz Rothman that really sums up the reason I love this work so much - ‘Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.’ No better way to sign off really…I look forward to sharing in your journey x

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Cronulla, New South Wales 2230
Mobile: 0403 777 277
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