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Melt into Motherhood bridges the gap in postpartum support, created by mothers, for mothers.

It comes as no surprise that your days in early parenthood are a bit of a blur. We know that there is a huge gap in support for new mothers, and sometimes you don’t know what support you need until it’s too late.

We are that support, in the way of a heart-centred online membership.

Melt into Motherhood will give you the encouragement you need to navigate these ups and downs, making parenting decisions consciously and confidently. We work with you to figure out how you can make the best of your unique situation.

You will learn to trust your intuition and mother consciously, with an open mind and heart.

Maybe you’re in a bad place but you put on a smile anyway because after all, this is “supposed” to be the most joyous time of your life.

Is motherhood getting the better of you, and you’ve realised you are not being the person you’d hoped you would be?

Do you find yourself clock watching, or counting down the hours or days just so you can avoid what is happening in the present moment?

Do you feel let down by the reality of parenthood and it not meeting your expectations?

You’re not alone!

Motherhood is HARD and there is no denying that, but we can help you to discover a new perspective so the tough times don’t feel quite so bad.

You can't even imagine the life you could be living on the "other side" of Melt into Motherhood. Check out our website now, and if you feel like you could use a little support, join us!

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Miranda, New South Wales 2228
Mobile: 0452 527 109
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