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Sydney is a great place to live, but it also has its drawbacks. Rising damp can cause all sorts of problems for homeowners including increased risk in the spread disease and structural failure due exposure issues with moisture-prone materials like wood or brick walls that might not be able withstand OSHA regulations if they get too wet again soon after being cleaned up by professionals who know what needs done about this type problem
Rising Damp specialists are very important because you're putting your health at stake when dealing without them.
Without proper ventilation, excessive moisture may occur and this can attract termites. Termite damage is not only dangerous but also expensive to repair! The Doctor Damp team has years of experience in Sydney fixing all kinds of rising damp problems with their expertise ranging from installing sub-floor ventilation systems for dry floors all the way up into roof replacements if necessary.
Rising damp specialists are highly recommended by Pest Control Operators due do its potentially harmful health risks.

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Unit 26/280 Newline Road, Dural, New South Wales 2158
Phone: 02 9651 7774
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