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A one stop shop for all of your IT needs, including data recovery, computer repair, upgrades, security and sales.

Customer service is second to none, and we're happy to travel to you! We talk in simple language and you can trust us to get the job done right.

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Services not limited to:

Tech Repair

If something isn’t working like it used to then something is probably wrong and should be fixed. Generally speaking, repairs are surprisingly simple and affordable, and it’s great for the wallet and the environment. Get off that costly train of replacing everything every year or two! A well specified computer or laptop should last the best part of a decade!

Email configuration

Have you started working from home recently and can’t get your email right? Does your email on your tablet or phone never seem to be in sync with your desktop? The solution is usually simple and it will make managing your email a dream!

WiFi analysis

Are there areas in your home where the WiFi bombs out? Or perhaps your streaming services are freezing and juttering when you’re trying to watch your favourite movies? Often it’s a simple matter of adding some cheap range extenders to your network, or optimising your wifi for distance and wall penetration. Did you know that by default, modern modems are poorly optimised for WiFi at home?

Custom Gaming PCs

We can supply (or you can specify) your perfect gaming machine, which looks, plays, and works the way you want it to. We will work with you to understand your wants and needs, and to build the computer of your dreams.

Technical Training

If you’d always wanted to learn more about the technology around you or need training on some specific softwares, then we can help! Hands on, practical training is available. Learn to build your own computers, about how the parts in a computer work, or ask your own questions about your own curiosities! Ask away!

Network and internet repair

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get a task done and having technology hold you back. In the modern, cloud computed, connected world, many business software rely upon a strong network and internet connection. Often, poor software performance can actually be your internet connection, not your computer! Don’t put up with it — often the resolution is remarkably simple and cost effective!

Technical consulting

Do you have a myriad of questions you’re afraid to ask? Or a long list of “little” issues bugging you with your current set up? Perhaps there’s a whopper of a problem that no one has been able to fix for days? Let’s get it sorted!

Hardware supply, repair and maintenance

Everyone wants “fast” and “reliable” tech when they replace what they have, however there are many other important factors that should contribute to your decision making when it comes time for replacements. Did you consider how much distracting noise that your computer is making while parsing that big task? Or whether it’s built to survive in the dusty workshop you’ve got it in? Does it fit in your limited bench space? Speed and reliability should be a given, but we will do better than just that!

Workflow Streamlining & Automation

Computers are great to offload repetitive, menial tasks to. It frees up valuable time for you and your staff, and also probably can be done significantly more quickly by a computer. If you’ve been thinking of ways that technology might be able to improve your business but don’t know where to start or what to search for then give us a call!

Software and firmware support

Most businesses rely upon some sort number of specialised softwares which form the backbone of their day to day work. It might be medical software you must to use due to government regulation, POS software you’ve had for donkeys years, or bookkeeping software your accountant insists on you using. Sadly, it’s also the case that often the technical support that comes alongside these softwares is lackluster, to put it mildly. So, if you’ve had no luck getting something resolved so far, don’t give up, we’ll be able to work it out for you!

Data security and backup

Your data is probably your most important asset — and malicious actors and sinister third parties know it! It’s not just a concern for big business. Data safety is of vital importance, and now, more so than ever, is very achievable and cost effective for every business owner, so really there is no excuse. We can provide security advice, training, as well as audit your systems to reveal weak points.

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2 Herbert St, Oatley, New South Wales 2223
Mobile: 0419 795 945
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