Bringing Baby Home

25-05-18 9:00 am - 26-05-18 4:00 pm
Tradies Gymea
57 Manchester Rd, Gymea NSW 2227, Australia

Bringing Baby Home (Developed by Gottman Institute)

BRINGING BABY HOME (BBH) is a two day psycho-educational experiential workshop, created by the Dr. John and Julie Gottman to help prepare and assist couples for the changes and challenges that come with the birth of a child. The program aims to provide the tools couples need to be the best parents they can be while maintaining the quality of their relationship and building a strong and healthy family together.

Research shows that although couples report high relationship satisfaction during pregnancy, 2 out of 3 couples will experience a significant drop in relationship satisfaction within 3 years of the child’s birth. Research shows that improving your relationship before or shortly after the birth of your child, not only benefits your marriage but also significantly benefits your child.


  • Expectant parents, new parents and parents with any children under 3 years old
  • Those who want to strengthen a good relationship
  • Those experiencing relationship difficulties
  • Those needing to develop early co-parenting skills


  • Greater conflict management skills
  • Greater sensitivity and responsiveness to infants signals
  • Greater ability to co-parent, with greater father involvement and more secure father-infant attachment
  • A decrease in symptoms of post-natal depression and anxiety in both mother and father


  • Promotes emotional, social, cognitive and physical development
  • Children develop ability to self soothe and are less distressed
  • Sleep longer and cry less
  • Learn complex language faster
  • Form attachment security with parents


Come and join us for this so that you can…
Learn what it is to really love one another and your baby.

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