iMove Video Series – Diastasis Recti

Shire has teamed up with iMove Physio to bring you an awesome video series on all thing pre and post-natal.

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Video Series #4 – Diastasis Recti



What is it?

Diastasis is when your abdominal muscles separate to accommodate for bub. This is a completely normal process and will happen to every woman during pregnancy. There are differing sizes and depths of separation and that is why it is important to get assessed.

How to check?

As shown in the video, laying on your back with knees up, you will just very gently raise your shoulders and head off the floor. Be careful not to engage in a full sit up. It should only be a gentle, ‘top of shoulders’, lift. In this position we will gently feel for the width and depth of your separation.

What is normal?

On average we will have a 2-3 finger separation down the mid-line of our belly. If there is anything that is 4 fingers or greater in width then we will consider using a belt, brace or SRC recovery pants to help add compression to the area to allow better healing.

If the separation is 4 fingers or more we would also have more exercise precautions and progress you slightly slower through your rehab. There is an upcoming video on exercises to avoid but briefly we would definitely not be doing sit-ups, jumping or any maximal lifting with a large separation.

We consider everything;

Some women have a small separation but have real trouble with exercise and incontinence. Other women have a large separation and have no symptoms and feel really strong. It is important to consider the whole picture, your exercise history, the width and depth of your separation and any other symptoms.

Tailoring advice during the first 12 weeks post delivery is crucial here.

How to fix it?

If you have a large separation then consider the SRC pants or a brace.

Secondly, start on a graded exercise program 5-10 days after delivery that spans at least 12 weeks. This should include low back, core, hip, pelvis and pelvic floor exercises.

Lastly, avoid large, end range stretching movements until you have been cleared. Box jumps, overhead kettlebell swings, sit-ups etc are all things we would want to check in on before you start them again.

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Mums of the Shire has teamed up with iMove Physio to bring you this awesome 6-part video series on all thing pre and post natal. 

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