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iMove Video Series – Pregnancy

Mums of the Shire has teamed up with iMove Physio to bring you an awesome video series on all thing pre and post-natal.

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Video Series #1 – Changes During Pregnancy

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What changes to expect during pregnancy;

During pregnancy the area of your body that undergoes the most change is your mid section or back, hip and pelvis. You will notice as bub grows and your belly becomes bigger that the shape of your spine will change.

You may notice a more curve in your low back which we call lordosis. This is due to the weight at the front pulling your pelvis forward. With this change it is quite common to get ‘small of the back’ pain or low back pain.

What can I do?

1. Get strong

Get assessed by a health professional each month who can tailor a program for each stage of your pregnancy, as well as postnatally.

At each stage you will be able to handle different lower back and hip exercises. The more robust we can make your body in this period the easier the whole pregnancy will be. We also know that strength training before the birth will have you back to your pre-birth activities much sooner and more comfortably.

Stay tuned for a few exercise variations and explanations in our upcoming blog and videos. We go through planks, rotational drills and how to strengthen your hip and pelvic muscles.

2. External support

If you are getting pelvic and low back pain leading up to delivery or even soon after we can consider external supports. There are some fantastic braces that support your pelvis and also provide a gentle cupping of your belly to take some weight off. These are relatively inexpensive for what they offer and can retail between $80-$120.

Secondly, after birth we can use the same brace or there is a fantastic product called SRC recovery pants which help with diastasis (belly separation) as well as providing fantastic support to the low back and pelvis area. Think of them as tights that also come up around your belly.

3. Gentle walks

With the new weight on your spine and the change in spinal curvature there is increased pressure on your joints and you are likely to get stiff. There is nothing better for this stiffness then going for a gentle walk for 20 minutes.

This slow, rhytmical motion of walking produces synovial fluid which actually lubricates our joints and makes them feel better. As we say, “motion is lotion”. I would recommend x2, 15-20min walks a day, this will free you up at the start and end of your day.

BONUS: A light water walk or even gentle freestyle can really take pressure of your joints as the bouyancy of the water takes the weight off your back.

4. Gentle massage

A light massage can have you feeling sane again. Find a massage therapist who specialises in pre and post natal. Light is key. Often going to hard on muscles that are in spasm can encourage them to relax even more and this can contribute to your pain.

BONUS: Using your thumbs in the dimples in your back can really provide relief. Just a moderate pressure in small circles to this area is very relieving. We often ask our patients husbands to do this at the end of the day for 5 minutes on each side.

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Mums of the Shire has teamed up with iMove Physio to bring you this awesome 6-part video series on all thing pre and post natal. 

Stay tuned next week for Series #2 – Pre & Post Natal Exercises.

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