It’s time for you, Chookadoo

So you’re a mum now. And the second that baby was born this deep seeded emotion you can’t control suddenly entered your life. Guilt. It hits you like a cold day in numerous ways. It haunts you on a range of topics – feeding, sleep, play, education… It hits you when you leave that bundle of joy…. and it hits you when you don’t….

Guilt can be a scary word but you can’t let it encompass who you are and the mark you make on this world. So it’s time to take back control and choose to love yourself again, not beat yourself up every second of the day.

Time for you can take many forms. It can be just taking three big, deep beautiful breaths. Or just five minutes in a dark spot away from the kids with yourself and your thoughts and acknowledging how you feel. Maybe you need to get out and get the blood pumping. A walk along the beach or to your favourite coffee shop. Or a workout session that makes you feel on top of the world. Download an app and try a home workout/yoga session or venture out and join an outdoor group session. There are even groups out there that cater for babies and kids so you can leave all that guilt right at the door.

If none of those are your thing, just do something for YOU. Wash your hair, shave your legs, paint you nails, talk to a friend, watch some trash TV…. Whatever it is, make it something that makes you glow inside and put the guilt away for the day…. You need the time. Guilt needs to take a seat on the shelf.

Be you, do you, and love you. Rock it out Mumma….

Please Mummas – share with us the toughest guilt trip that you’ve put yourself on. We are here to love and support each other…

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