Keep your children healthy during cold and flu season

We’ve been chatting with Deborah Gibson, a beautiful local mum of two very active boys and a highly qualified Naturopath specialising in Women’s Health and Female Hormones.  We asked Deb what she would recommend for immune support for kids, leading up to the winter season.

You might think that kids with runny noses and pockets full of snotty tissues are just part of the parenting gig, but they don’t need to be. Take some time now to build up your family’s immunity and make this winter a no-go zone for sickness.

One of the biggest challenges parent’s face in winter is trying to keep their children healthy during the winter months. Runny noses, sneezes and coughs seem to be everywhere! A safe and effective way to support a child’s immune system is to give them probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in our body. By increasing levels through supplementation, it helps promote a healthy and strong immune response. Probiotics can be given to children daily to help prevent the common cold/flu, or for treatment as well. Studies have shown that probiotics can help shorten the duration of illness in kids with diarrhea from a viral infection, as well as prevent diarrhea in those who are on a course of antibiotics. And of course, they help children to maintain a healthy digestive system.

What to look for: Probiotics will be easily found at your local health food shop or chemist. Look for a powder form that is designed specifically for children. The powder is easily administered to young ones – as it has no taste or smell, it is easy to sneak into porridge, a smoothie, yoghurt or any liquid. And keep in mind that most probiotics will need refrigeration.

When to give: You can safely give your child daily for immune support and cold/flu prevention. You can also give while they are sick to help speed healing. They are especially beneficial after a round of antibiotics to replenish your child’s healthy bacteria levels that the medication may have diminished.

Other benefits: There are a range of childhood health conditions that may benefit from probiotic use such as eczema, asthma, allergies, digestive issues (ie – constipation, diarrhea). There are specific strains of probiotics for each of these conditions and they are best prescribed by a professional. Please contact your health care provider for more information.

Yours in health,
Deborah Gibson, BSc ND

Contact details:
Phone – (02) 8002 1963
Clinic address – CORE Naturopathics, located at 2/74-76 Cronulla Street, Cronulla 2230


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