You Know You Are a Mum When…

From the time you find out you are pregnant, you start to realise that there is a lot in your life that is going to change.

You also become aware that your priorities will become very different than what they were pre-kids.

But sometimes it is the little signs that make you release you are now a mum.

22 signs you know you are a mum

  • Your handbag no longer has money or makeup in it. Instead, it is replaced by half-eaten snacks and random toys.
  • Whilst standing still you will randomly sway from side to side, even when there is no baby in your arms.
  • Having a shower is your favourite part of the day (OK maybe favourite part of the week in the early days when even showering is a long forgotten experience)… 5 minutes of blissful alone time.
  • The Trolls soundtrack is on rotation in the car, even if the kids aren’t there (Trolls is the current obsession in our house, you might substitute this with the Frozen or Wiggles)
  • You know a lot more people know as a result of your kids. But you don’t know their name. ‘Hi Chloe’s mum’. ‘Oh that Tim’s dad’. You have moved to actual friendship status when you have learned their name.
  • You are still watching Nick Junior or ABC Kids long after the kids have left the room.
  • The baby vomits on your clothes at the exact moment you are heading out the door. You grab a baby wipe and keep on moving.
  • A sleep in past 7 am is a distant memory from a time long, long ago.
  • You come to the realisation pretty early on that Peppa Pig is actually a bit of an annoying brat.
  • You cannot remember the last time you went to the toilet without an audience.
  • Baby wipes are your new favourite item to use for absolutely everything.
  • You never eat your own breakfast or lunch, as your children’s leftovers become your meal.
  • You have become accustomed to drinking lukewarm coffee. Or if you are like me you reheat it in the microwave and then forget it is there.
  • You have ninja-like reflexes to catch your baby’s vomit mid-air.
  • The room you just cleaned five minutes ago is now covered completely in Lego pieces and you wonder why you bothered.
  • You rock the shopping trolley back and forth when queuing in line as you instinctively think you are rocking the pram.
  • You know where all the toilets are within your local area. Because when your two-year-old says they need to go, you have about two minutes leeway.
  • You have no clue what day of the week it is. Unless your kids go to daycare. You know those days.
  • You wonder what the heck you did with all your time before kids.
  • Disposable income? What is that, as all spare money gets spent on the kids.
  • Getting two kids to nap at the same time during the day is like winning the lottery.
  • You have re-washed the same clothes at least twice because you keep forgetting to hang it on the clothesline.


Do you have any more you could add?

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