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Local Mum – Brittany

Meet this week’s local mum Brittany who was born and bred in the Shire and is a nurse & first time mum to a gorgeous 15 month old boy Leo Ray.

Where and how long have you lived in the Sutherland Shire?

I grew up in Loftus for 20 years, this place will always have my heart, now I live in sunny Cronulla with my little family of three (Myself, partner & son) & wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I live 50 metres from the beach. It makes me happy ! It’s also my escape for a bit of ‘me’ time.

How many children:

One perfect little boy. Right now I am very content with one child. I would love 2-3 kids in the future.

Favourite park:

Shelly Beach park is my favourite local park – I spent a lot of time there when I first gave birth being the middle of summer & living next to a construction site I really enjoyed newborn cuddles in the fresh salt air. Shelly park also holds a lot of memories for myself and my family as we have spent a lot of time over the years enjoying celebrations such as birthdays & small gatherings. This park is very family friendly with BBQ areas, children’s park & an amazing ocean pool.

Favourite beach:

My favourite beach would have to be Darook Beach. I spent a lot of time there throughout my pregnancy & it was one of the first times I took my son swimming – special memories that I will never forget. I love the serenity and how peaceful it can be. If your there at the right time the sunset is gorgeous too.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

I enjoy getting out of the house & going to cafes whether it’s with friends or on my own. Sometimes it can be hard when you have children but there are plenty of Cafes around the Shire that cater for our little babes & all the equipment that follows. HAM & Blackwood Pantry are a must if your around the Cronulla area. I also love Mim’s Cafe in Buraneer & Bianco Nero Espresso in Gymea.

Favourite night place: 

These days I am usually not a night person but every now and then you can’t go wrong with a good movie & dinner session. There are plenty of amazing restaurants that I love to eat at including Fortunatos Italian in Sutherland.

Favourite Mothers Group location:

I never attended mothers groups, now looking back I wish I did. At the time I was so sleep deprived & really struggling in my new role as a mum. I have since found an amazing group of mothers that I have close friendships with.

Favourite wet weather location:

I used to struggle with wet weather ideas, I am not one to hang around inside. I have always been on the go & love to adventure. I have searched around and myself & son Leo love attending Rhymetime at Cronulla Library & have recently started Gymbaroo in Caringbah. Great for wet weather ideas.

 Work or SAHM:

I currently work two days a week & have since my son was 6 months old, he has attended Child Care for these two days since that time. He absolutely loves going and he has never cried on a drop off. Being a young mother who suffered from post natal depression & anxiety I needed the balance in my life. It is working really well for our family.

What keeps me sane:

Being outdoors ! I love nothing more that the fresh air. I also need to be social otherwise I can find myself getting anxious & lonely & that is no good for anyone..

Motherly advice:

Keep being yourself, don’t forget to ask for help. I have only just learnt this & already feeling better for it. Get outdoors & go for a walk. Remember to fill your self love cup up !



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  • Barbra sharp
    Posted at 21:23h, 07 April

    Good on you Brit. Great to see you feeling so well. Looking forward to a cuppa with you and Leo in Cronulla soon. Bx

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:04h, 09 April

    So happy for you Brit! You’re such a great person and your son is so lucky to have you as a mum! Sending love xx

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