Emma Morris

Local Mum – Emma Morris

Meet this week’s local Mum – Emma Morris. 

Menai mum Emma shares her life and tips as a mum in the Shire and talks about the importance of taking help when it’s offered and prioritising time for yourself..

Where and how long have you lived in the Sutherland Shire?

Currently living in Menai, and have lived in the Sutherland shire for all of my 40 years ??

How many children:

I have one little girl, Dava, who is 2.5. She is the absolute love of my life!
We are currently experiencing the terrible twos, which I was hoping was a myth, but even on the most challenging days it only takes a look, a hug, or the words “I love you Mum” from her, and I melt all over again.

Favourite park:

Any park that is gated because Dava’s nickname is ‘The Runner’.
I really like the little park in Loftus on the corner of National Avenue and Third Avenue, it has two slides, so winning! The cafe down the road from there is good to grab a babycino from on the way home.

Favourite thing to do with bubs:

Park days are fun days, it does us both good to get out into the fresh air and sunshine. Also playdates are great fun for the littlies, and great for mums to catch up and share stories.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

I really like ‘Much More than Coffee’ in Menai. They don’t have a kiddie play area, but the staff are so lovely and good with kids, and there is plenty of room for prams/strollers.

Favourite Mother’s Group hangout:

Anywhere really, we like to try lots of different places, and even just catch ups at each others houses are fun. As long as there is food and coffee, any place is good!

Work or SAHM:

Stay at home Mum. I have been so very lucky to take all of this time off with Dava. I have loved it. I do plan on going back to work, and I have missed the social side of work and seeing my friends there, but I’ve loved being at home with her.

Favorite local shop / online store:

Too many, I’m slowly going broke!
I’ll give a shout out to my cousins homegrown business though, because I so admire what he and his partner have created. It’s called Church Farm General Store, and they are on Instagram and Facebook. All of their products are homegrown and handmade, they sell soap, sauces and also their produce at the local farmers market. I just love looking through the photos of their place as well. They have converted an old church into their home, and grow all of their own fruit and veg on their property. It’s amazing, so idyllic!

Funny mum moment:

When my daughter spots a frog, and yells out ‘F#%k’ really loudly… We’re working on the pronunciation… ?

Motherly advice on how to stay sane:

You’re asking a crazy person! Haha. Definitely take help when it’s offered, try to find some time to do things just for you (when you can). It’s important to do that to recharge your batteries, even if it’s just squeezing in an episode or two of your fave TV show while the little one naps. And coffee, coffee, coffee ☕️

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