Local Mum Feature – Bonnie Beacroft

Where and how long have you lived in the Sutherland Shire?

I have lived in Oyster Bay for the past eight years. Neither my husband or I are originally from the Shire but when we started dating in 2007 my husband (then boyfriend) was living in Oyster Bay with extended family. We both fell in love with the area and when it came time for us to purchase our own place we couldn’t look past Oyster Bay and have been happy here ever since.  

I completely understand why people joke about ‘Shire people’ needing a passport to go over the bridges, why would you want to leave? The Shire really does have it all!

Tell us about your children:

I have a 3 1/2 year old son, Hugo who is car and boat obsessed and doesn’t forget a detail about anything.

I also have a 16 month old daughter who I had visions of becoming a graceful ballet dancer when I was pregnant but the little daredevil is much more likely to take up extreme BMX or something like that!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Typical?? Is there any such thing?

Favourite park:

Como pleasure grounds – cafe on site (COFFEE!!), boats, trains and jet-skis constantly going past to entertain the kids while we sit and eat, a big hill to climb to wear the kiddies out and a bike/scooter track to go around on top of all the play equipment. In the warmer months we finish our plays with a swim in the river pool or Como swimming pool.

Favourite thing to do with your bubs/kiddies:

Play at a park in the winter or drive down to boat harbour for a swim in the warmer months.

Favourite restaurant or favourite night spot:

Jensens has just opened in Kareela around the corner and we have been very impressed both times we’ve been there.

Favourite wet weather location:

The kids love a special treat play at Skyzone when the weather stops us from playing outside. Jumping burns off plenty of energy and usually makes for a good nap afterwards!

Work or SAHM:

I work three days a week at a public hospital as a sonographer (someone who does ultrasounds). I have also recently started up a side business performing 3D baby bonding ultrasounds in Taren Point, called PEEK A BOO 3D ULTRASOUND.

I was so fortunate throughout both my pregnancies to be working as a sonographer and be able to scan myself and bond with my babies as often as I liked.

My husband has said no more babies for us (I’m still working on him) so in the meantime I’ve set up my own little baby, PEEK A BOO 3D ULTRASOUND. Now I can share with other families the same privilege I had throughout my pregnancies and they can come and bond with their babies.

No doctors referrals are required for my scans, just check out my webpage and contact me to make a booking. You will receive some amazing 3D keepsake photos to take with you, along with being allowed the time to watch your baby kick about, suck his thumb, and even find out your babies gender if you wish to.

How have you changed since becoming a mum?

I feel I have definitely become more forgiving and don’t sweat the small stuff as much. I think my kids have taught me this. They themselves are so forgiving and really help put into perspective what is important.

Motherly advice on how to stay sane:

Talk to other mothers and accept help if you need it and it’s offered to you. I totally believe in having a village to help share the workload. If you’re having a crappy day at home with the kids get out of the house – a change of scenery is often the best thing to help pick up everyone’s mood.

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