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Local Mum Feature – Veena Parry

Calm and serene, local Mamma-of-two, Veena Parry, grew up in the Shire and has lived here all her life. Known affectionately as ‘the baby whisperer’, Veena works as a child sleep consultant, supporting families. She shares with us the things she loves about raising a family in the area.

Veena Parry Family

Where and how long have you lived in the Sutherland Shire and what do you love about it?

I have lived in the shire my whole life (Sylvania and Cronulla) and I love everything about it. Everything is familiar, and we have the best of everything.

Tell us about yourself and your family

Been with the love of my life for 10 years married for four. We have two gorgeous boys! Asher is 2 and Bodhi is almost 4 months.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Walks in the morning and or meeting with fellow mums, parks/beaches or for coffee! Back home for lunch and naptime. Then play in the afternoon outside if we can and then cooking and eating dinner as a family when we can.

Favourite Park and Why?

Oooohhh Shelly beach! So close to the water so can include a swim after play.

Favourite thing to do with your bubs/kiddies and why?

Everything… but I love reading to them. I love seeing their imaginations come out and love seeing their reactions, plus it always leads to snuggles. I also love spending time with the four of us together feeding the pelicans near the boat ramp near our house or anything we do!

Favourite kid-friendly cafe and why?

Love Ruby Niks, Teahouse Camellia Gardens & Ham

Favourite restaurant or favourite night-spot and why?

I can’t choose one! Anything with Seafood! Hahaha, don’t get out at night that much anymore. But we have so many great venues in the Shire and I love beach venues towards the city.

Favourite Mother’s group location

Beach!! Or Camellia Gardens.

Favourite wet weather location

Ruby Niks, Madagascar Playland & The Play Cave.

Work or SAHM

Both… I work from home at the moment as a Child Sleep Consultant ?

Motherly advice on how to stay sane

Talk to other mummas and make sure you make time for yourself!!!

Funny Mum moment

When my youngest was about five weeks old I was so tired and I had a bottle of EBM and I thought I was feeding the baby but I was actually looking at him next to me, my toddler had climbed onto my lap and I was accidentally feeding my 2-year-old without meaning to ???

What is your guilty pleasure

Chocolate and anything Bachelor-related lol!

What makes you lose your shit?

Nothing I’m very zen … ?

What’s something not many people know about you?

Not sure. I’m an open book!

Favourite local shop/online store or Instagram business

I love Amy Taylor!

What’s the best product/service you can recommend since becoming a mum? For baby/kids or you

My own, Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep sleep consulting. Sleep is so important when you become a parent and it cannot be undervalued. Getting some professional advice can be totally life-changing. My clients often tell me that my help has been life-changing for them!

How have you changed since becoming a Mum

I’m stronger than I ever thought. Life has this deeper meaning now. I felt so complete when I met my husband, but the kids are the total cherry on top!

What is the greatest challenge you have faced since becoming a mum?

Learning that you need to trust yourself as a mother and not listen to every opinion or take things to heart. When you have kids people feel like they can comment on every aspect of your lives. If it’s not helpful tune it out.

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