Local Mum Lauren

Local Mum – Lauren

Meet this week’s local mum of two, Lauren, who has lived in many of the Shire’s beautiful suburbs since she was six.

Where and how long have you lived in the Sutherland Shire?

I live in Kurnell. My husband & I moved here five years ago from Cronulla.  I have lived in The Sutherland Shire since I was six. My family uprooted from Austimer orginally & I’ve live in many of the Sutherland  Shire Suburbs.

How many children:

I am very bleased with two beautiful children. Chloe just had her third birthday & Archie is eight months old.
Chloe is very smart, wise, thoughtful and is beyond her years. She is so loving and just loves singing and dancing. I love music so aleast she has a bit of me in her.
Archie had a ruff start but has gone from strength to strength. He is a really cheeky bub who is happy and loves his sister. He is very aware of the world around him already. Very perceptive. He smile lights his face. They both have that beautiful smile that melts you.

Favourite park:

South Cronulla park is a fave of Chloe’s cause there is a beach and a park. Also there’s a fantatic one at Engadine, it has everything for kids to ride bikes, play equipment & bbqs.

Favourite beach:

We are lucky to live in Kurnell as our favourite beach is at the end of our street, Silver Beach.

Favourite kid friendly cafe:

We love The Post Office Cafe in Kurnell as it’s kid friendly and right across from the beach. Anna’s Shop Around The Corner is a lovely cafe and its right on Monroe park in Cronulla. Also Gerrale St. Kitchen in Cronulla, they are so accomodating even if there is a few of us with prams.

Favourite night place: 

The Greenery at Cronulla Golf Club or Talottas Pizza, Kurnell

Favourite Mothers Group location:

South Cronulla Park or meeting at one another’s houses so the kids can all play and mums can chat and have a hot cuppa.

Favourite wet weather location:

We enjoy activities at home when raining such as craft, watching a movie or making cupcakes. It’s hard with two kids when raining but The Play Cave is also fun.

Work or SAHM:

SAHM. Currently studying A diploma in Interior Design & Styling through Open Collage TAFE.

What keeps me sane:

My husband and friends – having support and being able to confide in them. Yoga. And knowing I am doing the best I can being a happy mum.

Motherly advice:

Go with your gut instincts and know it’s ok to talk about what ever it is troubling you. No answer is a wrong one, its what works for you and your family.

As mothers we should support each other. It’s so important! You’re not alone out there, so make great new friends. Get out and meet positive new people that will influence you not make you doubt what you are doing as a mum, because you are a great one!

Lauren and Family

Lauren and her lovely little fam.



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