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Are you lonesome tonight mummy??

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Times have changed – but is it for the better? We are more ‘connected’ these days digitally, but more ‘disconnected’ from relationships and deep emotional connections. I spoke to a few shire mum friends recently and they told me that they are truly, deeply, sadly lonely.

Days of old us mummas got together daily – we helped each other with our babies, helped each other emotionally and spent endless hours talking and truly connecting. What has slowly started to happen with Mums of the Shire is people calling out “I’m craving connection”. And that’s damn beautiful. All of us have different situations, different kids, different challenges – but what unites us is motherhood.

Starting next week it’s time to connect. Let’s keep it simple so we pull it off. You, yes you, with your busy life, commit to fellow mums who need you by organizing a catchup. Simply say ‘I’m going here for coffee’ or ‘I’m going to this park for a play date’ or ‘I’m going to meditate here kids free’ and let some lonely mums join you. It can be big or small – movies, coffee, shopping, drinking night, food, park, walk the dogs, pedicure – whatever you enjoy doing. And it can be a days notice, a weeks notice or an hours notice.

How will we know if it’s a fellow mum of the shire? Here’s the code…. when you turn up to the location have a love heart on your hand. Big or small it doesn’t matter. That love heart says ‘hey I’m an amazing woman looking to enrich the lives of other amazing women by connecting with them’…. So who is going to be a beautiful, loving, giving woman and kick this off? Click here to head over to our closed Facebook group and start a connection now.

  • Julie Clarke
    Posted at 16:31h, 17 May

    What a beautiful idea xx

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