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Saturday night secret mum admissions….

There’s a lot that happens behind closed doors as a parent. Are we talking about what happens in the bedroom? Oh hell no. We are parents, not too much exciting happens there.

We are talking about the parenting practices we employ when nobody is around. When doors are closed – there are some things we are willing to admit and others we aren’t.

Here’s the top admissions we’ve collated from our ‘Mums of the Shire’…. and here’s something different to try – try reading these with absolutely no judgment! Because mums of the shire don’t judge. We know that we are all in this thing called motherhood together and we do what works for us!

And because we want you to share your admissions too you can either be bold and brave and post them in the comments or PM us and we will confidentially put them up for you!!!

1. Video camera admissions

With my first I used a video camera and tripod because the baby monitors weren’t good enough. When I took bub over to friend’s places and bub needed a nap I would have my camera, tripod and everything ready to roll! I must admit I did get strange looks….

2. Organic food admission

My first child I was mother of the year. Everything was home made organic and healthy. Second child – has been pure packer mix since birth…. oh wait I lie – second one ate organic once – it was leftovers in the freezer from 2 years ago when the other one was a baby, hahahaha

3. The baby monitor addiction admission

I had 4 baby monitors for my baby. The sensor pads, the camera on the cot, the camera on the change table and the camera on the ground. I was absolutely paranoid. One night at 2am the sensor went off because bub rolled off it. It scared the living daylights out of me and I seriously wet myself : ( I can laugh about it now but not at the time….

4. Smacking admission

I don’t believe in smacking. But one time when my son ran out onto a busy highway and almost got killed I brought out the smack. I was in a state of shock – not just at having almost lost my son but also for smacking. A lady walking by said ‘absolutely disgusting that you smack your child’ …. I was already so worked up that the next comment I made was holding up my hand and saying “you want the next one?” to her…. wow….

5. The breast milk admission

I had a shocking let down when feeding. It was hard and fast and bub couldn’t handle it. So my hubby offered to help after being fascinated about what it tasted like. He tried it, liked it, and then every time I needed to feed and he was around he would help me out. Many people say it’s “absolutely wrong” but for me it was an absolute lifesaver….

6. The sleep obsession admission

A friend read Tizzy Hall’s ‘Save our Sleep’. After reading the book she went hammer for tong to try to achieve the thing we all crave – a baby that sleeps through. She was so hardcore about sleep routine that she would put bub down every 90 minutes. Not 91 mins. Not 89 min. Every 90 minutes. Regardless of where she was, what she was doing or if bub was tired or not – that baby was going down!!!

Wow these are some doozies – what are yours ladies? Are you willing to admit that you can relate?

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