You’ll never be an amazing woman (until you truly believe you are)

Women – we are harder on ourselves than anyone else….

So it’s International Women’s Day. Wooop de doo. What are you going to do about it? Nothing? Come on, don’t allow that to happen, Ladies. This International Women’s Day, do something to support yourself and support other women.

I’m throwing out a challenge – it’s five minutes for others and five minutes for yourself and it will be the most valuable time you’ll spend the entire week I promise. Five minutes for the most important woman in your life – YOU. Grab a pen and paper (or a receipt and crayon from the handbag) and write down five things that make you an amazing woman. Go on, it can be physical, mental, achievements, resilience, beauty, caring, funny – anything. And I want you to be bold and do something you would never normally do and send it to your friend – asking them to do the same.

Did you do it? Please mumma do it. You need it. You deserve it and it will change your day/week/month/year. Five minutes for a female stranger (potentially another mum). Today (or tomorrow) is the day to tell another woman what an amazing mother she is. Child having a full blown meltdown at Coles Caringbah? Go and tell the mum how amazing she is. Mum in active wear walking a stroller along the esplanade? Go and tell the mum how amazing she is. Mum glowing and looking amazing? Go and tell the mum how amazing she is. Mum look like absolute shit with the biggest bags under her eyes you’ve ever seen? Go and tell the mum how amazing she is. Mum cracking it trying to get a spot in the kids car pickup line? Go and tel the mum how amazing she is. Your mission is to tell one, two, three, four or five mummas they are amazing. Strangers are 10 points! Friends are five points – and telling yourself is 100. Go on – do it – what can it hurt? It will only make you feel amazing.

Are you scared of that? Make the jump. Tell us below if you took up this challenge ‘cos if you did that makes YOU an amazing woman!

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