Audley Boat Shed

A Scenic Sunday in Audley

Today we ventured out of Cronulla and took the tots for a trip to Audley. If you’ve been thinking about going and haven’t yet, you need to! It’s was so beautiful, so easy, food was seriously yummy and loads of fresh air and fun for the kiddies! It was only 25 mins from Cronulla too, not as far as I thought.

Parking was easy (for a sunny Sunday) and no line at the cafe made a couple of take away coffees taste even better.  The kids ran wild on the huge grass area then we headed over to feed the ducks.  There is duck poo everywhere and the water is brown and muddy with eels swimming around but kids love that gross stuff! The Cockatoos surround when ever there is food which gets the kids squealing and flapping about.

     Audley grass area

Audley    Audley feeding ducksAudley Feeding Cockys

We watched people on the water having fun in their little row boats and the kids wanted to have a go so we got back in the car and drove around to the Audley Boat shed. You could easily walk but we didn’t have the pram (and our kids are nuts) so we figured it would probably take us an hour that way. After trying about 15 different pin numbers (no reception down there so no pay pass!) we finally hired a little row boat, got the kids looking super cute in their life vests and off we went.

      Audley Boat Hire

Audley Boat Hire

All that rowing made us hungry so we headed back to Audley Dance Hall Cafe for lunch. The kids menu didn’t really tickle our fancy but there were toasties on the menu which looked perfect for the kids. We went for the GF option which was some fancy style of black bread that looked like charcoal, but it looked edible (just) so we told the kids it was ‘magic black bread’, they thought it was their lucky day and they didn’t leave one crumb! The main menu was impressive – yummy healthy options and tasty burgers with thick cut chips. My pics are certainly not IG worthy but it was seriously good food!

Audley Healthy LunchAudley Toastie


We then enjoyed watching the kids climbing in big old trees and getting as dirty as humanly possible..

Audley kids climbing trees     Audley Gift Shop

A quick look in the gift shop (some interesting stuff in there) and we were on our way.

What a beautiful day in Audley.

We would love to hear how you spend your Sundays in the Shire. Please let us know by commenting below or writing in to us here.


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