Jimmy Giggle

Shire mums reportedly ‘excited’ over upcoming Wiggles tour

Jimmy, Lachie or Bop? Who gets your hormones racing?

It’s so so sad. But yes, we’ve all thought about it. After lacking any kind of sex life for an extended period of time a mummy’s mind..

starts to wander….

And after buying tickets to the Wiggles at Cronulla Sharkies for one months time it sparked a huge debate between me and mothers group – who is hotter, Lachie, Anthony or Simon? Ladies, I just don’t get the Simon piece. Anthony yes, he has that salt and pepper thing going on but Simon? Really?

This then sparked a debate about the hottest Kids TV show personality. There was a case put forward for Jimmy Giggle after this photo surfaced. Looks similar to Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey.

Now what are our thoughts on Bop from Hoopla Hoopla? Not my flavour. But maybe that round beer belly gets you going???

Or maybe you have thoughts about playing with your school while watching Jay or Alex from play school???

We apologise profusely if you think this article is wrong…. but us ladies can’t help us if these hosts make our minds and bodies sing a song….

So ladies, cut the crap, admit your views and tell us who is the winner in your panties….

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