Simple DIY Halloween Kids Costume Ideas

Celebrating Halloween in the Shire is growing in popularity each year. We are now only a few weeks away from when the trick or treaters come knocking.

Your child’s daycare or school might be planning a dress-up day or you might decide to take the kids out trick or treating. So it is time to start thinking about costume ideas.

We have compiled our top 9 simple and quick DIY Halloween costume ideas that even the un-crafty mum can get right.

Gorgeous ghost

Halloween Costume Gorgeous Ghost

Source: Pinterest

This one is simple enough I think even I could do it. You will just need a white top and pants to start. Then purchase a piece of tulle, some elastic and some black felt.

Shape the tulle around the elastic to make a skirt. Then add felt eyes and a mouth with glue to make the ghosts face.

The tulle takes my husband’s idea of an old sheet with two eye holes cut out up a level in the cuteness stakes.

Clark Kent

Halloween Costume Clark Kent Superman

Source: Pinterest

This is perfect for little boys of all ages. You might already have in the cupboard a dress shirt and pants for your handsome little man.

Adding a Superman t-shirt underneath makes it the perfect Clark Kent outfit.

You can usually pick up Superman shirts from the discount department stores. And the added bonus of this one is you can usually find a dad-sized t-shirt to match.

Where’s Wally

Halloween Costume Where's Wally

Source: Pinterest

Most kids will already have a pair of blue jeans on hand. So you will just need to go on the hunt for a red and white striped shirt.

With a little bit of time up your sleeve, you still have a chance to find something online.

The beanies might be a bit harder to get a hold of this time of year. So if you don’t have a Nanna on hand who likes to knit and can whip one up then asking friends who are either Dragons or Swans might help you track one down.

Cat Lady

Halloween Costume Cat Lady

Source: Pinterest

Again this one was chosen as you may have some of the items required on hand already. You will need pyjamas, slippers and a robe. Then pick up a few cheap cat toys to stick onto the robe.

To finish the look add a pair of glasses and some rollers in the hair for the perfect cat lady look.

Chucky Doll

Halloween Costume Chucky

Source: Pinterest

If you want to stick to more of the traditional scary Halloween costumes then the Chucky doll is a pretty easy one to pull off.

You will just need a long sleeve striped shirt, some denim overalls, and some face paint. You might also need an orange hair wig or some orange hairspray to complete the look.


Halloween Costume Rainbow

Source: Pinterest

Who knew what could be achieved with a few pool noodles and some cotton wool. A rainbow tutu finishes off the look.

You will need a little bit of patience bringing this one together, but we think it looks amazing!

Aussie Bogan

Halloween Costume Bogan

Source: Pinterest

You will likely already have some jeans at home and might even have a flannelette shirt that you can just the sleeves off.

Add some painted on facial hair, a mullet wig, and some thongs and you have the perfect Aussie bogan.

This is another great option for a matching father and son costume combo.

Scuba Diver

Halloween Costume Scuba Diver

Source: Pinterest

You will need some black tight clothes to look like a wetsuit. Then get two empty soft drink bottles. Paint them and add duct tape so that they look like air tanks.

If you do not already have them, you can pick up cheap masks and snorkels to complete the look.

Lego piece

Halloween Costume Lego

Source: Pinterest

For this one, you will need an empty box, some plastic cups, and some paint.

Cut holes into the box of arms to poke through and then stick the cups to the box before painting all over.

There you have our top 9 DIY ideas. Do you make your own kids costumes for Halloween?

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