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Dear Dads, Here’s Why Mother’s Day Matters..

Dear Dads,

You may be planning a run to the servo on Sunday morning to pick up a bunch of flowers and maybe a box of Roses if mum’s lucky but we need to let you in on a little secret – Mother’s Day matters. It may not matter to you, but it matters to the mother of your child and it matters to your child too.

Yes, it may be a clichéd, Hallmark-esque opportunity for price gouging by florists and confectioners but it deeply matters to us. And it’s not just about what you get us. It matters because this is an opportunity to be a role model for your children. It’s a time to show them how to be grateful and thoughtful. To show how much you value the contribution mothers make to the world.

We all know parenting is tough gig. It’s rewarding, but it’s tough. That goes for mums and dads. But mums have sacrificed their bodies, their boobies, their sleep and their careers. So, let’s give some thanks and recognition to these amazing women this Mother’s Day.

Getting a thoughtful gift isn’t really that hard. Mums really don’t need a lot. A handmade card, some flowers from the garden and a bit of sleep-in would make a mumma’s day..

The kiddies that are at school or daycare will most likely bring home a handmade gift. But Dads, if you’re going to do a last-minute dash to the shops with the kids tomorrow, let them choose something themselves for their mum. It really is the thought that counts.

Whatever you do, don’t go for the vacuum cleaner or the set of scales. Small appliances that make the housework easier and things that help mum lose weight should definitely NOT be on the gift list. Nope, not the blender, the smoothie maker, or the slow cooker. These items need to be scratched off the list!!

And mums with babies that are too small to pick out a pressie for mum?? Well, this mumma deserves an extra special gift. Being a new mum is exhausting and that first Mother’s Day is a celebration within itself. It’s the day to take all the pressure and stress off this mumma. Think about giving her a day out (or even a few hours) just for herself, a day off from shitty nappies and spew in her hair. Maybe a voucher for a salon or spa or if you want to go the extra mile without spending a fortune – a sleep in, breakfast in bed and a foot massage would go a long way.

Mother’s Day may be a Hallmark holiday for some, but it’s a day of appreciating everything a woman does for her children. We’re not saying life as a dad is easy, but it would be really nice to feel some appreciate for what we do. Don’t worry – September brings a day especially for you, and we’ll make a big deal out of you then too!

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