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Social Media Giveaway Guidelines

Running a competition through Mums of the Shire’s social media channels is a great way to give your business, special offer or event, a quick boost with maximum reach and engagement from our community.  It also encourages interaction and social sharing with your target audience.

Competitions can be run via our Facebook or Instagram platforms, depending on where your audience is most likely to engage with your brand.

Social media competitions run by Mums of the Shire – on either Facebook or Instagram – include the following:

  • One static image or short video (to be supplied by client)
  • A short paragraph of copy, tagging your brand’s social media account in the post
  • Full Terms & Conditions drafted by Mums of the Shire and posted on our website
  • Social media admin relating the competition, fielding and managing enquiries, filtering spam comments etc…
  • Selection of winner if required
  • Notification to winner and managing collection of prize
  • Social media post to announce the winner and an additional follow-up post with a special offer for community members who missed out on a prize



  • Image size – square images work well or we can work with rectangular images with dimensions ratio approximately 1:1.5
  • Ensure you image is interesting and impactful. A lifestyle Image of real people, enjoying your product or service or a beautifully shot image of your product is ideal.
  • Avoid images which are too busy, have too much text, are out of focus or do not relate to your business
  • Please ensure you have the necessary permissions to use the supplied image

Competition mechanic:

  • A short paragraph will be included with your competition to briefly explain the prize, who is offering it and how to enter. It is recommended the paragraph is no longer than 80-100 words.
  • Competition will run for a minimum of two days and a maximum of two weeks
  • A competition permit is not required for a ‘game of skill’, therefore entrants will be asked a question to which they must respond in order to fulfil the ‘game of skill criteria’
  • Raffles, lucky dip, prize draw type mechanics are not permitted
  • The following competition mechanics are not permitted by Facebook or Instagram:
    • Competitions may not ask people to share a post on their timeline or on a friend’s timeline as a condition of entry
    • Competitions may not ask entrants to tag their friends as a condition of entry

Terms & Conditions:

  • Mums of the Shire will prepare a first draft of competition terms and conditions, it is up to the competition owner to advise of any additional terms and conditions they wish to include.


To set up your competition with Mums of the Shire please provide the following assets:

  • One image or short video (under 15 seconds)
  • Description of the prize and what is included
  • Any mandatory text you would like included
  • Any terms and conditions you would like included
  • A question you would like entrants to answer (we can choose this if you prefer)
  • Indication on who will draw the winner (we can draw the winner on your behalf if preferred)
  • Any special offers you would like to offer entrants (or MOTS members) after the winner is drawn
  • How the winner can claim their prize
  • Competition timeline (please specify if there are specific dates you would like the competition to run and/or time of day you would like the competition launched)
  • Payment of the competition fee must be received before publication