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Blossom Preschool aspires to be Australia’s most successful owner-operated education and care service. We provide long day care in a secure and enriching environment where children are nurtured through our preschool programs by our exceedingly caring and professional educators. Our service is assisted by a team of professionals who provide guidance and advice to our educators so that they can focus on what they do best: provide the best education and care for your children. Blossom is far more than a Preschool. It is a pre, present and post foundation for learning, a place of belonging, being and becoming, and a beloved piece of the community. We believe the family is the first teacher and hold this bond in high regard. We walk alongside families and work in partnership with them as the second teacher. We view the environment as the third teacher and we cooperate with one another to guarantee that it is stimulating, relaxed, hygienic, meaningful and a place for children to truly express their sense of identity with joy. Our centre is beautifully designed and caters to children from 6 weeks to 6 years. Children at our centre have open access to bright, custom-designed spaces, structures and experiences with plenty of room for growing, inquisitive and energetic bodies to play, relax or explore. Our beautiful and unique learning hubs have been designed with children and the future in mind. Our facility uses only high-quality and sustainable materials throughout the learning and play environments. Natural environments evoke a young child’s five senses and promote wonder, curiosity and an intrinsic desire to protect our world. The use of natural materials and neutral colours in our Early Learning Centre promotes a sense of calm and allows for open-ended creativity. At Blossom, our commitment to our families is reflected in all that we do.

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82 Caldarra Avenue, Engadine, New South Wales 2233
Phone: 9520 3963
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