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But….. sometimes, even when they have everything they could need and want they just can’t seem to get happy or stay happy. You ask yourself ‘what am I doing wrong?’, ‘how can I get them to see the brighter side of life?’ and ‘how can I show them that they won’t die if they try something new?’

Well for one, you are not doing anything wrong my friend. You are doing everything you can to give your kids everything in life – but the truth is, you can’t GIVE your children confidence, resilience or the grit they need to manage life’s ups and downs.
BUT you can TEACH them how to develop these qualities in themselves – through understanding how their mind works and how they can use this understanding to stand in their power by shifting their thinking to the positive.

* Struggling to get your child to see the bright side of life
TO them being able to recognise when negative nancy is stealing their happiness and then being able to switch to powerful thinking patterns where they stand in their power and see the glass half full so they can enjoy life!

* Losing your mind and feeling out of control
TO understanding what sets you off and then using the strategies you learn to empower your child to understand themselves and shift how they see the world too.

* Feeling at your wits end every time you suggest your child tries something new which instantly get’s a ‘No’ because they don’t want to make a mistake or look silly in front of others
TO seeing your child being open to trying new things and growing their confidence and self esteem.

* Living on eggshells at home, not wanting to trigger a meltdown
TO becoming an empowered family who creates their own happiness through positive connection

* Feeling helpless, not knowing how to help your child stop thinking they are ‘stupid’ or how to build their confidence and resilience
TO seeing your child pick themselves up, dust themselves off and enjoy the learning that comes with making mistakes

* Being emotionally exhausted from working so hard to keep the peace
TO having the time and space to take care of yourself in a peaceful home.

With a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), Bachelor of Social Work and Certified Professional Life Coach, and over 20 years experience working with kids and families, the Founder of Raising Warrior Kids (and Mind Design Coaching) Fiona is committed to teaching kids skills in understanding their thoughts and emotions so they have the tools to manage life’s hurdles, building confidence and resilience.

Recent research shows that 1 in 4 young Australians have a mental health condition and 1 in 4 primary school students are losing sleep through worry and anxiety. Fiona’s mission is to smash through these statistics, by empowering parents to teach their kids how to apply growth mindset and build emotional agility so they won’t need years of therapy when they’re adults.

Kids mental wellbeing is more important than ever and she’s passionate about turning things around for kids through understanding their mindsets.

Fiona has had great success in empowering kids to understand how their mind works and shift the way they see the world through evidence based mindset interventions developed by psychologists. Now she is supporting parents to do the same for their own kids. Giving parents the skills and strategies to help kids shift unhelpful mindsets at every stage of their lives.

Fiona offers DIY Parenting E-course, kids Growth Mindset e-books, she is the author of a self help coaching book for women #Warrior Women - Find your tribe and live your best life and she offers one to one coaching packages for kids and/or parents.

Contact Information
52 Short Street, New South Wales 2225
Mobile: 0422 965 741
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