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Sleep Tight Child Sleep Consultation came about after the birth of my first daughter 7 years ago. As a Midwife, Nurse and Primary School Teacher I thought parenthood would be a breeze. But it was a huge shock, being away from family in QLD, hubby working long hours, sleep deprivation and having no support or time out took a big impact on my mental health. This led to Post Natal Depression and Anxiety.

So, I took this opportunity to study and do a child sleep consultation course, and my goal was to implement it on my daughter and if it worked to help others. It was the best thing I could have done, it helped her sleep and it helped me get back my sanity and bring the joy and fun back into our lives as parenthood should be. I was no longer dreading each day and my daughter was thriving in her development once her sleep improved.

My ‘Why’ at 'Sleep Tight' is to empower parents and families and provide them with the skills and tools to help their little ones learn to love their sleep. I work together with each child and their family, to create a personalised sleep program that best supports them and make their journey into parenthood rewarding and special.

I offer a range of services including home visits to families in the St George, Sutherland Shire and Wollongong areas. For out of area clients, I offer online consultations. I also offer Mother’s Group Talks and Sleep Talks. With a range of new services coming soon in 2023.

My approach at ‘Sleep Tight’ is individualised for each little one and offers the caregivers a better awareness of their little one’s needs, cues and capabilities. I provide a step-by-step individualised guide with workable strategies for creating an emotional and physical safe sleep space.

Each family is sensitively guided and supported to improve their little one’s sleep, while respecting their parenting style. My techniques consider your little one’s temperament, behaviour and age. They promote parental understanding and respect for your little one’s experience and communication, and encourages parents to comfort their children through a modification process. I provide families with an approach that supports a nurturing relationship between the parent and the child. I help guide families through tailored solutions born from a place of understanding and respect. My strategies can be modified if needed, which creates flexibility within the family. My approach doesn’t support ‘cry it out’ or ‘controlled crying’ methods.

As a local practicing Midwife and Nurse I have the opportunity to work alongside other health professionals as a trusted consultant and point of referral, including, Paediatricians, GP’s, Child Health Nurses, Midwives, Chiropractors, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists. To allow me into your family and work alongside you and your little one’s sleep journey is something I am very passionate about and hold close to my heart. Sleep affects everything and my goal is helping families get the sleep and reassurance they need and deserve and making parenthood a rewarding experience.

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Sydney, New South Wales
Mobile: 0412 934 446
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