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You don’t need a Tiny Haus to live a Tiny Haus Lifestyle, we are the helping hand you need to pare back and organise for a simpler life.

It might be your pantry, wardrobe, one room in your home or your entire house. We'll help you declutter and organise your space. No more crowding, no more chaos. No more frustration or friction between you and all you’ve accumulated. Your essentials and your favourites will be all that’s left behind, and all within easy reach.

Moving house? Let’s make this move a life changer. Forget the stress, the last-minute dash, the aimless pack, and the mindless unpack. Gain clarity, confidence and direction on what you truly need in the life you truly want. Tiny Haus Moves is the helping hand you need to pare back before you pack, and to organise in your new home, for a simpler, more contented life with room for what you love.

Less friction, more flow. Simple spaces designed to help you enjoy every day. Regardless of whether your home is tiny or huge, if you’re frequently frustrated by certain rooms or areas within your home, something’s not right. To feel completely at ease and at peace in your home, every space you encounter should be both functional and calming. If you’ve got a space that just doesn’t feel right or flow right, that’s ok. We can figure out what’s going wrong and we can fix it.

Simplify your life. Start living your life the way you want to. Are you like I was: constantly racing through life, from one ‘to-do’ to the next, with zero downtime in between? I barely had an opportunity to catch a breath let alone a yoga class. Always something on, somewhere to be, someone to please. Your life may well be an endless to-do list like mine was. No matter how busy and tightly bound your life is now, finding freedom and balance is achievable. When it comes to designing a life that fills you up in the right way, I can help. We can work together to:
• Unpack your current situation
• Gain perspective on what matters most
• Decide on the life you want
• Uncover where the barriers lie
• Map out your Simple Life Plan
• Equip you with tools and resources
• Keep you on track
I recognise that each person is different, and as such, I customise the process to you. It’s about discovering your version of happiness, developing a tailored plan that works for you, and giving you the support needed for you to keep the plan in motion.

Let’s give your audience the tools they need to enjoy the simple life too. I love amplifying the simple life message with like-minded people and brands. You can book me to chat, present, workshop or write about any of my signature topics, or we can discuss a topic you’ve got in mind. Topics I love to talk about:
• Lessons from living in a tiny house
• How to clear physical and emotional clutter
• Designing double-duty/triple-duty spaces
• Self-care and slow-living/simple-living
• Parenting with a less is more mindset
• Sustainable systems for a simple life
• Easy and affordable interior styling
• Ethical buying, ethical disposal
• Edible gardens
• Simple mealtimes

Contact Information
Grays Point, New South Wales 2232
Phone: 02 7226 5942
Mobile: 0410 417 411
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