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KASS deliver Australia’s safest, most effective, accelerated aquatic survival program for non verbal infants and young children. Our program focuses on aquatic survival skills targeted to children aged 6 months to 6 years. The Survival skills are designed to form a layer of protection in the prevention against drowning. The ability to swim a few feet in the water is not necessarily going to save the child in an emergency situation. No chid is drown-proof, and nothing replaces supervision or restricting access to water, however teaching a child to float could give the child, parents or emergency services those crucial seconds or minutes which could prevent further tragedy.

With KASS the child is skilled in WEEKS not years, because taking years to teach a child aquatic survival skills may be too late.

All KASS lessons are taught privately 1:1 with specialised instructors.

Children learn:
Breath control, how to grab, reach up and turn to the side.
If they are out of arms reach, how to swim (dog paddle) to the side
How to roll back to float, rest and breathe
How to incorporate the sequence of swimming and floating if safety is further than one breath away.

All children are taught how to remain in a floating, breathing posture if getting to safety is simply not an option. This is all taught without floaties or parents/carer in the water with the child.

Once the child has completed the KASS Survival program and is fully skilled, the child simulates an accidental fall into water. This allows the child to apply their newly learnt skills in a safe and controlled environment wearing full winter clothing including shoes and nappy. This is a vital step because it is a very different sensory experience swimming or floating in clothes. We do this because nearly 80% of children who drown, do so due to falls into water and 45% of drownings in children aged 0-4years occur in a swimming pool. For every fatal drowning a further 3 will be hospitalised as a result of a non fatal drowning incident. These aquatic incidents usually happen when the child has wandered to a body of water unnoticed and fully clothed. It is a crucial skill for the child to learn, so should they ever fall into water fully clothed, it won’t be the first time they have performed this skill and hopefully prevent further tragedy and most importantly SURVIVE.

To get results quickly, the KASS Survival program is designed for approximately 8 weeks (40 lessons) where the child participates in a 10 minute lesson 5 days/week (Monday to Friday). Survival lessons are conducted all year round, not by the school term or weekends.

Please call 1800 543 779 or email [email protected] to learn more or to book your child into the KASS Survival and Learn to Swim Program Today!

Contact Information
Lilli Pilli, New South Wales 2229
Phone: 1800 543 779
Mobile: 0411 184 582
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