Miranda Murray – Women’s Empowerment & Fertility Coach

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Do you want to feel empowered to thrive in all areas of your life?

Would you like to embody clarity and confidence to feel completely comfortable in your own skin?

Are you ready to navigate every twist and turn of your journey with peace and inner strength?

Welcome, you've come to the right place to find your own unique flow that will guide you peacefully through your life experiences.

I'm so pleased that you’re here.

I believe life is about finding peaceful flow.

My purpose is to support women to maintain a strong sense of self through life's challenges and chapters, regardless of what is thrown at them.

Before I became a coach, I lived through the disappointment and grief of 7 x unsuccessful IVF treatments, which led to a heartbreaking and unexpected divorce of my first marriage followed by all of the challenges that accompanied those major life upheavals and reality slaps.

Life and these challenges took me on a very different journey than the one I had originally mapped out for myself - a journey towards enlightenment and fulfillment in both my home and business life.

Through my own personal experiences, I recognised the need for more empathy and support in our community for women going through similar experiences at the different stages of life we face in our journey of womanhood.

I work with women of all ages to support them through changes & transitions, instilling and empowering them with a strong sense of self so they can thrive.

Come take a deep dive with me into your personal inner workings, your values and beliefs.
Together, we will explore the things that really matter to you at your core.
And make a plan moving forward to live aligned to the essence of who you are and what's fundamentally important to you and your happiness.

Once you firmly reconnect to your sense of self you will become empowered to maintain that connection and thrive through whatever life presents with your own beautiful and unique peaceful flow.

It really is such an honour to be able to help facilitate that change for the women I work with and to witness those positive changes and the joy that they then bring into their own lives.

Positive transformation happens when we share our internal landscape in an intentional way and encourage others to do the same. The ripple effect transpires through our families and communities and has the capacity to change the world as we know it.

“We don’t have to do all of it alone, we were never meant to”

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Sutherland Shire, New South Wales
Mobile: 0439 905 901
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