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Get your girls out!!!

No, put those saggy post children breasts away woman I was talking about your friends!! After years spent producing babies and juggling life you need quality time with your girls. Those girls that make you feel awesome, those girls that don’t judge, those girls that know you’re a great mum and a great person.

You need girl time more than you need air sometimes. The time to reflect, time to share, time to bitch, time to gossip, time to praise (for surviving this crazy ride called motherhood), time to catch-up, time to feel yourself again. And time to kick that friendship back off – and to love that all of your friends are in the same boat as you and that friendship is just as strong as ever and can be kicked off right back from where you left off.

And where to go? Don’t go cheap – go hard or go home! You never get out anymore so when you do you deserve a treat…. Henry’s, Next Door or Alphabet Street are my three current faves…. why? Firstly, because they are NOT kid friendly at all and secondly, they have the most amazing food. And when you actually get the opportunity to eat your meal without a side serve of indigestion you want to savour every moment and make sure it’s a great meal…

Henrys – wow! Different, tantalising, unique, for me and my friends who are wine and cheese lovers this place is a dream come true! Goats cheese truffled with honey and homemade Lavosh to die for. It’s actually good for the men too but who gives a shit about them tonight we are out with the girls.

Sea Level – mouth watering meals that are absolutely divine, full of flavor and amazing service too. The view reminds you of what life is all about. And prepare yourself for dessert because it will rock your world.

OR save your money for Next Door – literally – ‘next door’ owned by Sea Level. Their small menu is great,  you’ll want to try everything on there! It’s top quality food and great service, without the price tag…. WINNING! Relax, unwind, share food but don’t share cocktails, keep every sip of one of those suckers for yourself!!!

Alphabet Street – is a meal that will make your taste buds sing. The flavours are mind blowing. Fresh Thai fusion is an understatement. For those who went to long grain pre kids this is even better. Must haves include the betel leaf and roti – wow!

Drinks? Well, we all like to act like we are ‘hardcore’ when out with the girls for the first time in forever. But you’re not fooling anyone. Your girls know that if you attempt to drink even half the amount you did before you had kids there’s a good chance you’ll be flat on the floor….

But wait – before you go – have you locked in your next catch-up? You know if you don’t lock it in you’ll never do it…. and half the time when you do lock it in someone has a sick child! So lock in numerous, frequent, awesome nights with the girls. Trust me, I walk away from them feeling like a better mum, better partner and better person every damn time….

So tell us – where is your favourite place to get your girls out in the Shire??? Tag a friend who you miss and want to see soon…

Next Door Cronulla
Next Door
Alphabet Street - Apple Martini
Alphabet Street - Apple Martini
Henrys Cronulla
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