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WTF to do with the Kids these School Holidays

School holidays. You either love them or loathe them.

It usually starts off well. No morning rush out the door, no school lunches to be made, no kidlets to get uniforms and shoes on. Sounds like bliss right?

Until about three days in the cries of “I’m bored” begin and fighting amongst siblings steps up a notch in order to ease the boredom.

If you need ideas for WTF to do with the kids these school holidays we have put together our top tips, that won’t end up costing you a fortune.

Indoor Fun

Make an inside obstacle course and see who can manoeuvre it the quickest. Get creative and use things like cushions, pillows, chairs, blankets and boxes.

Visit a park or playground

There are lots of playgrounds to pick from in the Shire that all have a range of facilities available. Whether you are looking for one that has BBQ facilities, a bike track or swings for the kids check out our Undercover Mum’s reviews of many of the parks in the area.

Arts and Craft

Grab some crafty bit and pieces (you can buy craft boxes pretty cheap in places like Kmart) and let the kids go nuts.

Make homemade pizza

This is a nice and easy one that will keep pretty much everyone in the family happy. Grab a few pizza bases, some sauce and a range of toppings, and let the kids have free reign over what toppings they include.

Pizza makingGo fishing

You can pick up some inexpensive kids fishing rods from most of the discount department stores. Find a safe riverside spot to drop a line in.

Explore the outdoors

There are some awesome beaches in the Shire that are great for swimming or exploring the shoreline for shells and little sea creatures. If your kids are a little older a bushwalk to a look-out could be a popular choice. There are so many great ways to explore our own backyard in the beautiful area we live.

Cronulla Beach

Check out free activities at the local shopping centres

Places like Southgate and Menai Marketplace often have activities on for the kids during the school holidays. Be sure to check out there What’s On section to see what days and times activities are planned.

Treasure Hunt

Hide a few bits and pieces around the house and garden and write clues for your kids to help them find the next one. At the end have a main prize of something like popcorn and a DVD for the kids to enjoy next.

Classes and Holiday Camps

The Council runs some free classes as well as paid holiday camps to help keep the kids entertained. You can also check out our Holiday Activities Guide that is perfect for getting the kids out of the house for a few hours. Sometimes no matter how many activities you plan, just being around other kids can be the change you need to shake off the “I’m bored” cries.

Invite friends over for a BBQ

There is nothing more Aussie than inviting friends and family over for a BBQ and some backyard cricket. Make it BYO and everyone brings a plate and it is a low cost but fun way to spend the afternoon.


You don’t even need to book a campsite to spend a night under the stars. Simply pitch a tent in the backyard and camp outside for the night. The kids will love the idea of camping and you can enjoy the comforts of your own bathroom instead of the communal ones at a campsite. Plus you save yourself the hassle of loading everything into the car to have to take.

See one local mum’s camping tips here.

Camping with toddlers

Check out a movie

There are a few kids movies out over the holidays that are worth checking out. Alternatively, stay at home with Netflix or a DVD, grab some popcorn and have a movie night in your own lounge room.

The summer school holidays can be tricky to keep the kids occupied for such a long period of time. Planning a few activities throughout the week can generally keep them pretty happy.

And remember, kids need downtime to recover from a big year too. So a few movie days or lazy days around the house may be exactly what they need. Don’t feel the pressure to fill every waking minute with something to do.

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