I have found the holy grail of gyms…

• By guest contributor Kate Anderson •

I have found the holy grail of gyms…

A place I actually look forward to going each day! Who knew such a place existed?! There are so many benefits in training at Bennefit (see what I did there) but here are my top 3;

1. It’s child friendly!

At the 9:30am session (Monday- Friday) there is babysitting provided in the kids club. There’s no booking in advance or waiting lists. There’s no additional cost. You turn up, you drop your kid (or kids) upstairs and then you get a whole hour to yourself to concentrate on you and train properly. I repeat, an hour to yourself!!! What is this madness?! Unfortunately you can’t leave your kids there & go off for coffee (I’ve already asked) but guaranteed you’ll feel better after a session of one hour of serious exercise (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time). I have been known on the odd occasion when I’ve had a teething toddler to go to the gym even when I haven’t felt like it just to have a break from said toddler for an hour! My daughter loves playing with kids of all ages. I also love that I am leading by example and that my daughter can see that exercise is a part of our every day routine.

2. Value for money

You pay the weekly fee and you can attend unlimited group training sessions (babysitting in the kids club is no extra). Sessions run 6 days a week, multiple times a day. You attend as many as like (one a day is plenty for me, thank you very much!). Each group session is almost like a PT session but without the hefty price tag. The trainers are passionate & knowledgeable and have an amazing knack of getting you to where you want to be. They take you out of your comfort zone which is something I could never do when training on my own. Plus every single session at Bennefit is different (cardio, strength, IWT) so there is no getting bored.

3. The amazing atmosphere

There is no place for arrogance or egos at Bennefit. Every single person is at a different place in their health & fitness journey and that is more than fine. Whether you’re a seasoned gym junkie or you’re a mum getting back into exercise for the first time since having a baby you will never feel out of place. You will be encouraged, you will be pushed, you will be supported in reaching your goals and you will be inspired to always be better than you were yesterday. For someone who is quite self conscious & has always felt like a fish out of water in gym settings, feeling comfortable & at ease has been huge for me. The amazing atmosphere has allowed me to take my health & fitness journey to the next level. I have also made many friendships since I started at Bennefit and I am actually enjoying exercise (who knew such a thing was was possible?!) Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all fun & games & when you’re sweating & struggling & cursing it might not feel like you’re having fun but in every session there is laughter & smiles.

Since training at Bennefit I have become fitter, stronger, healthier, lighter & happier. I am a better version of myself & without a doubt I’m a better mum. Most gyms claim to be different, this one actually is.

Toddler at Beneifit

For more information on this gym and other child friendly options check out the Fitness section of our Local Directory here.

Kate is a born & bred Shire girl who lives in Caringbah South. She is a local primary school teacher who is currently loving being a stay at home Mum to her 22 month old daughter, Halle.


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